About GV

We haven’t always been #1 in the vending and office coffee business in Greensboro and the surrounding Triad but we achieved that status through hard work, dedication to our clients’ needs and by staying on top of innovations in technology.  Building on those three pillars of success, we now have over 1,000 vendors and 300 contract coffee accounts and we keep growing!

We started out in 1949 with a single cigarette vending machine operating out of the back of Matthew’s Grill on Main Street.  By the mid-1970s, Greensboro Vending had grown to 200 machines and had added snacks and coffee.  Sodas and sandwiches were next on the list and then the office coffee division was created in the1990s.  The 21st Century brought the bottomless, double-filtered water cooler, specialized catering, fresh fruits and salads, healthy options and new vending technology like the Avanti Market cashless system. Special event catering, gourmet pizza, awesome coffees, ice cream socials and “give-away” promotions are just some of the things that we can do for you and your employees.

Excellence is our business.

Dennis Jessup


Dennis graduated in 1980 from Southern Guilford High School in Greensboro.  During his time in high school he worked at Ronny Barnes Fitness as a personal trainer and with his father who was a supervisor with a local vending company.  After graduation he began his career with Greensboro Vending & Coffee as a routeman.  During his time as a routeman, he also learned how to work on vending machines and was then transferred to a maintenance position where he was eventually promoted to maintenance supervisor.  After several years of supervising the maintenance department he was then promoted to his newer position as Route Manager where he continued to excel until he was promoted to General Manager.  Finally after many years of service, in July of 2007 he was promoted to his final position as President of Greensboro Vending & Coffee.  At the present time he oversees all aspects of the company, but most importantly manage the overall direction of the company.


Brian Beeson

General Manager

Brian began his vending career in 1992 when he accepted a routeman position with Greensboro Vending & Coffee.  After several years of running a route, he was eventually promoted to Route Supervisor, where he continued until he was offered the General Manager’s position with another vending company that was involved with not only vending and coffee, but also food preparation and catering.  For 10 years he oversaw all aspects of his company and continued to learn the business.  In July of 2007, at the same time Dennis was made President, he was offered the General Manager’s position with Greensboro Vending & Coffee, which he accepted and still holds.  At the present time he oversees all personnel, sales and customer relations.