Vending Service

Excellence.  It’s not a word usually associated with vending machines. At Greensboro Vending & Coffee Company, we’ve changed that.

  • For us, outstanding service and exceptional quality are the bottom line.
  • We stock national brands as well as premium local products.
  • We keep our food fresh, our equipment impeccably clean and our trucks refrigerated.
  • Have an emergency?  We will be there within the hour to address it – guaranteed.
  • All employees have U.S. Government Security Clearances which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can trust each and every one of us.
  • We give you a direct link “to the top”. Our managers and supervisors are always available to talk with you and resolve any problems.

Your choices, our services

From soups and salads to deli-style sandwiches, subs, and sizzling-hot pizza, Greensboro Vending & Coffee Company knows what your employees want but we never stop learning.  We will stock the specific foods that your individual staff members enjoy the most. This customer-focused attitude is what drove us to add fruit, yogurt, and other low-fat items to our refrigerated section along with special ice cream promotions, “give away” days, New Age healthy drinks and specialized catering.

The Greensboro Vending & Coffee Company may not be the only vending company in town but we will do what it takes to be the only vending company in town for you!