Eco-Friendly Advantage

There are a number of advantages of bottleless water coolers:

  • An unlimited supply of water
  • A choice of water temperature and often even the possibility of carbonated water
  • An easy connection between the bottleless water cooler and water mains system in any home or office setting
  • Hygienic water guaranteed – an obvious advantage over bottled water
  • A more pleasant and healthy work environment, where employees are more productive
  • Less cost and hassle of transporting, storing, and disposing of bottles. 
  • Less energy and time wasted in the delivery process. 
  • No heavy lifting required/less risk of injury due to bottle changing. 
  • Less traffic congestion and fuel usage created by delivery trucks. 
  • Fewer distracting home or office visits required. 
  • Fewer sanitation issues, as bottleless water coolers do not have exposed reservoirs like bottled water coolers where bacteria can enter and grow. 
  • Instead bottleless water coolers are sealed. 
  • Less storage space needed, as there is no need for bottle storage. The only space required is for the water cooler itself. 
  • Less administrative time/paperwork needed. 
  • No risk of dirty handling of bottle handles which can become contaminated before being placed in the bottled water dispensers. 
  • No creation of plastic waste from used bottles. 
  • Reduced risk of illness and absenteeism among employees, who have a reliable source of clean, purified water thanks to the bottleless water coolers .