Healthy Options

Greensboro Vending & Coffee Company is proud to announce our new partnership with Bella Four Brands to offer a variety of organic and natural health snacks in addition to our healthier items including fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, wraps and sandwiches. Helping your employees stay healthy is good for you and your business.

In addition, Lifestyle Foods soups and salads are available for lunch and dinner in low fat and reduced calorie options along with a healthy oatmeal and apple selection for breakfast.

For healthier eating, every snack with the Heart Smart label must meet the following specific Heart Smart standards:

♥ 7 grams of fat or less per serving
♥ Less than 260 calories
♥ Less than 30% of those calories from fat

Look for the red price label on the item to know that that item meets these guidelines and qualifies for the Heart Smart and “Smart Choices Made Easy programs.